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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Headaches After the massage? It causes

Massage is supposed to make people relaxed and refreshed. But some people sometimes feel a headache after a massage. Why is that?

Headaches that occur after a massage is usually not a serious thing, but this condition can still be annoying and makes a person no longer willing to perform massage therapy when she needed it.

What causes it?

Various factors could be a trigger of headaches after a massage. This is because, as quoted from Livestrong, Friday . Massage serves to change the flow of blood in the body, such as shrink and make the blood vessels relax.
Changes in blood flow can trigger headaches.

2. If accompanied by dehydration or decreased blood sugar levels when he received a massage, then this factor will make someone a headache after a massage.

3. Some therapists say that the headaches that arise after the massage is the result of the body to release toxins, but this has not been proven scientifically. Keith Grant, PhD, tells massage therapy does not remove the buildup of lactic acid in muscle and not to help the body remove toxins.

Headache generally appears after a user completes a massage that made him so uncomfortable. In some cases, sometimes accompanied by other symptoms such as flu, nausea, or chills.

If these symptoms occur continuously, then try talking to massage therapy to change the pattern so it does not cause head pain or pain afterwards.

Some things are known can be done to avoid or prevent the emergence of a headache after a massage that is:

  • Keeping your body to stay hydrated, try to consume enough water before and after a massage
  • Keeping blood sugar levels to remain normal by eating a snack one hour before a massage
  • Eating a glass of fruit juice after the massage is finished
  • Stretching regularly, especially before a massage to keep the muscles warm and pliable, thereby reducing the risk of headache or pain.


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